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Founded in 2003, SubscriptionAgency.com is a magazine subscription clearinghouse and fulfillment agency. We have processed millions of subscription orders for a nationwide network of agents and organizations who sell magazines. Our strength lies in the ability to provide both magazine fulfillment and process automation. We offer our agents over 1,200 magazine titles, from hundreds of publishers, at up to 95% off their retail prices. Unlike many clearinghouses, we have streamlined our fulfillment process using technology. We are able to collect, manipulate, and send out all orders electronically on a weekly basis. This allows us to run a large volume with no overhead and pass along the savings to you, the agent.

Another benefit our agents and publishing partners get from our process automation is that they have real time access to all of their orders and processes. All our magazine pricing is updated in the agent portal of our site as soon as we are notified of a price or subscription change. Agents have online access to detailed reporting for all of their orders, account transactions and customer service inquiries. Through our online publisher portal, publishers have access to sub-agent information, documentation and sales reports. These reports and tools are available at all times for every order processed through us. Agents utilizing print or online marketing have access to all the tools needed to start selling, including magazine cover images and brief descriptions of our magazines.

From here, you can read all about what you need to do to become an agent, how our processes work, and view our list of titles.